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Education is not merely about lecturing students. It is a process through which a nation creates an environment of achievement, self-assessment and above all confidence. This process sharpens the feelings and conscience of nation builders. Education provides a sense of fair life to an upcoming generation and helps them to be conscious of their objectives and responsibilities. Only through education can a nation transfer its intellectual and cultural assets to its future leaders.

All professionals in the field of education must be aware of their responsibilities at all times, remembering their Lord and the purpose of their lives. With this in mind, they are obliged to use all their facets since education is the only way to achieve integrity and prosperity for a nation. Dar-e-Arqam College and School in Sialkot had built its methodology on this foundation to establish and run three campuses:

(i) Ayesha (nursery)
(ii) Ali (boys’ secondary)
(iii) Fatima (girls’ secondary)

Dar-e-Arqam ensures that students harness their potential to be successful both materially and spiritually.